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NewsFrunze Dovlatyan's birthday celebration with a new book presentation...
On May 26th, the born day of one of the greatest artists of Armenian cinema, Frunze Dovlatyan was celebrated in the Cinema house of Armenian Union of Film Professionals with the presentation of a book about him, in the warm atmosphere of his relatives, friends, colleauges.
A Russian writer and journalist Valeria Olyunina and Armenian architect, designer and journalist Pavel Jangirov presented their new book, "At the end of the snowmelt", dedicated to the famous film director's life and work.
On the first page of the book we read: "His filmography represents the national cinema of the second half of 20th century".
During the evening many of the guests talked about Frunze Dovlatyan, such as Harutyun Khachatryan, Mikayel Dovlatyan, Martin Vardazaryan, the authors of the book and others.
The guests also watched a film about the making of Frunze Dovlatyan's film "The lone walnut tree", which was never shown before.
The talks among friends and colleagues who had not seen each other for a while, lasted till the late night.