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NewsA wonderful day with Hrant Matevossian and the freshmen from Heratsi high school
We think that yesterday's meeting at Cinema house will stay Heratsi high school students' minds for a long time, as they had an unforgettable day with Hrant Matevosyan's literature by the initiative of Mrs. Anahit Bakhshyan.
During the last 1.5 years, Armenian Union of Film Professionals has given opportunities to the students of elementary, middle and high schools to get to know Armenian cinema heritage, to get an alternative education via discussions and debates.
The jubilee of the film "We are, our mountains" was an occasion to make the students get in touch with Malyan and Matevosyan worlds in the sphere of cinema, watch a film on the big screen of the hall, have new feelings, meet the creators of the film and talk to them about cinema, literature, art, etc.
The students watched the documentary film "We are..." by Davit Matevosyan, which tells about the creation of "We are, our mountains", then talked about Hrant Matevosyan, Henrik Malyan, Sos Sargsyan, Khoren Abrahamyan, Mher Mkrtchyan and other great Armenian artists.
You had to see how the smart children watched the film, how excited they were while talking to Davit Matevosyan, how attentively they listened to his stories.