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NewsThe Cinema House Grand Hall was reopened 43 years later
On June 29 there was a big feast at Cinema House... The Cinema House Grand Hall reopened 43 years later. 8 months after the election of the president in Armenian Union of Film Professionals, another door of Cinema House opened. Among the numerous plans related to Cinema House, the most important is the creation of Armenian Cinema Museum - Cinematheque, the work on which has already begun.
Guests of the evening were famous filmmakers, producers, actors of theater and cinema, cameramen, scriptwriters, critics, members of Armenian Union of Film Professionals and National Film Academy of Armenia, the Independent filmmakers, representatives of youth cinema, people of art whose life is completely connected with the past and present of Armenian cinema, thanks to the contribution and dedication of which Armenian cinema exists.
The evening was attended by the legends who created Armenian cinema and loved this hall very much, and the young ones who take the first steps in Armenian cinema, but already have great success, and who just now discovered this hall for themselves. The meeting took place in the newly renovated hall, the guests recalled the past, exchanged views and ideas, and hoped for the revival of Armenian cinema.
The Cinema House Grand Hall opened in 1975 on the same day, the 29th of June. This was not considered a big event, as about 700 cinemas were already operating in Armenia. However, the Cinema House with its 3 cinema halls and the summer garden became a cultural center in the heart of Yerevan, and the Cinema House Grand Hall with 515 seats became the largest cinema hall in Armenia. In this hall, all the premieres of films made at the film studio “Armenfilm” took place, closed film screenings, film shows, discussions were held.
The Cinema House Grand hall also remembers dozens of film legends who came to Armenia with the premieres of their films, which was also an event in the cultural life of the Republic.
The reopening of the Cinema House Grand Hall was a big event, because today there are only a few cinemas in Armenia and this hall is indeed a great gift for the Armenian audience, for the cinema and the hope that the best traditions, cinema discussions and film environment will return.
Being in poor condition for many decades, today the hall opens again, retaining its architectural appearance. This 515-seater wonderful hall is one of those preserved few halls in Europe, built with the unique skill of acoustic engineering and covered with special plywood that enhances the sound.
Covered plywood was specially processed, the foyer was completely renovated, new lighting systems and modern film screening devices were installed, toilets were newly built, etc.
All lights are lit in the hall. The president of Armenian Union of Film Professionals Harutyun Khachatryan congratulates all the guests and notes that the reopening of this hall is also a kind tribute to the ex-president of Armenian Union of Film Professionals Ruben Gevorgyants, who passed away a year ago, and offers the audience to watch Sergey Parajanov’s film “The Color of Pomegranate”, which was restored in the laboratory of L'immagine Ritrovata of Italy, by the Film Foundation-World Cinema Project (New York) under the leadership of Martin Scorsese.
The director of Sergey Parajanov's museum Zaven Sargsyan, the rector of Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinema, film expert David Muradyan also spoke. On the screen of the Cinema House Grand Hall, Sergey Parajanov’s film “The Color of Pomegranate” was played again.
The crowded hall watches Paradzhanov's miracle, enjoying the feast of cinema, which is not disturbed even by 40 degree heat.
After watching the film, the evening around the laid tables, in conversations, in memories and faith in the future of Armenian cinema...