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NewsAn evening dedicated to Hrant Matevosyan in the warm environment of Cinema house
Two films, the scripts of which were written by one of the greatest Armenian writers Hrant Matevosyan.
The audience of the Cinema house had the opportunity to watch the films "A poor man's honour" and "I am, called to live", to meet film director and scriptwriter, director of "Hrant Matevosyan" cultural foundation, Davit Matevosyan, who told many interesting stories about the fate of these films.
Davit Matevosyan also talked about Hrant Matevosyan's heritage, the need of collecting it all under one roof and use it for educating new generation. The youngsters' excitement to help with that good work was quite big.
They also remembered about the restoration of Armenian cinema heritage by National Cinema Center of Armenia, noticing that those works give hope that many lost things will be found and will make our culture richer.