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NewsCrowded hall and conversation about Narekatsi
The evening of October 23 had gathered more than 50 people in the Cinema house Small hall for the screening of Hovik Hakhverdyan's last film "Searching Narekatsi".
Before his death, one of our best film directors Hovik Hakhverdyan created this film with his own script and unique talent, in which he tried to search the phenomenon called Narekatsi with thoughts and versions of analysis of the grand masters of our culture, such as Sos Sargsyan, Tigran Mansuryan, Karpis Surenyan, Robert Mlkeyan, Arthur Shahnazaryan and more.
Thanks to the excellent job of cameramen Vahagn Ter-Hakobyan, Ruben Gasparyan, Ara Harutyunyan and Mkrtich Malkhasyan, lots of feelings and emotions are mixed in the exclusive environment of the film, crossing the worlds of Narekatsi with music and painting, making director's ideas more acceptable.
After the screening a warm and interesting discussion started in the "Fireplace hall", during which the guests not only gave their questions to Hovik Hakhverdyan's son Vahe Hakhverdyan, who is also the editing director of the film, but tried to give their own analysis versions about the film, the poet, art and time. They thanked organizators for giving them a chance to recognize themselves and their own Narekatsi with this film as well.
Perhaps it's hard to believe that many youngsters prefer to spend their quality time watching a film dedicated to Narekatsi and have a long discussion about the film and the poet, but that's a fact.